Due to the incredibly high demand, our desire to get masks to shelters & nursing homes, and a lack of materials available, Facemask orders placed April 4 and on may have a 2-4 week turn around. All orders placed prior will have the up to 10 business days policy, but if there are delays, please know they are out of our control.

ALSO! We can't afford to both hand make you masks for free AND cover the $3-$4 shipping. Please note if you picked LOCAL PICKUP, we will have you as a local pickup, which is in Providence, Rhode Island.

We may get these out faster, but materials are taking a long time to get to us, or being canceled after we order due to overselling. We have doubled our help during this though, and will continue to do likewise as the demand grows. 

We are all at our sewing machines, emails are not top priority right now and we apologize but don't have the means to make all these masks and answer all the emails. Please be patient with us. We're making as fast as materials are arriving.

Follow us on Instagram to see how much we're working though! @FigsandGinger

Here's a good link with updates from all the shipping carriers. We are not able to ship internationally, but we can still ship to Canada, though it may take a little to clear customs. Shipping Carrier Updates