Figs & Ginger Facemask

  • If you’re in need of a mask due to health issues and financially struggling, I’m happy to send 1-2 masks or free, if you need more for free please order them and I'll send what I can depending on demand. Keep in mind that you only need one per person in need as they are washable! If you're in a household with immunocompromised children, order as many as in your household and we'll send what we can send in adult sizes.*Please don't order more than you need. The point is to get as many to as many people who NEED them, thanks for understanding.

    ~If you’d just like as a precaution, or are financially able and in need, please consider donating to help cover costs and keep making masks for others. 

    These would be $18- $22 items on my site if I were paying myself a living wage, but please don't let that sway you, this is a strictly pay what you want/can, people have just asked how much so I'm putting it out here.

    ~To donate: Use the dropdown below, or if you don't need a mask and would just like to support our efforts CLICK HERE 

    ~OR Add free masks to cart and then pick something from the site(Mother's Day is around the corner!) Anything on the site will cover 1 mask, and also help feed me. 

    I‘ve been working with nurses around RI to develop a pattern that’s snug, breathable, comfortable, washable, and effective. 
    -This is made with 100% cotton, straps may be a cotton blend
    -Form fitting + snug, sits on face along all sides with no puckering.
    -Can be worn over other masks, on its own, or with a filter insert.
    -Pocket for nose clip. (nose clip included)
    -Pocket for filter. (filter not included)
    -No elastic so you can wash in your normal laundry, which the CDC says will kill the virus with detergent.

    We're working as fast as these hands will allow and hiring more people. We're hoping to get these out within 10-14 business days, but aiming for way faster than that! Emails and messages are not top priority right now, so please don't hate us if we can't get back to your message! 

    IF YOU CHOOSE LOCAL PICKUP, WE WILL HAVE YOU DOWN AS A LOCAL PICKUP IN PROVIDENCE, RI and we will email you when it's ready. We're super sorry but we can not ship without you covering your shipping cost. 

  • Please note these are handmade by me as I’m out of work due to all my shops being closed during COVID-19 isolations. It's supposed to be my busiest season of the year with Mother's Day around the corner, but all my shops I sell through are closed, so alas, here we are!... Rather than being busy with jewelry, I'm trying to keep myself busy with sewing. My little sister facetimed to ask me about making masks as they didn't have any masks left at the facilities she works at, like so many others, but please note: I AM NOT A SEAMSTRESS. I haven't sewn since making handbags for a local brand in college around2004. I'm pumping these out as fast as I can, 8-10 hours a day on the sewing machine, at least, all threads may not be cut, lines may not be super straight, but they'll last a bunch of washings and keep your face covered :)

    If you need more than 8 please contact me directly to make sure I have enough materials as I'm rebuying every day as to not hoard or overspend. 

    Colors & patterns will vary depending on what's available to me, if you have a preference please leave a comment while checking out and I'll do my best to accommodate.  

    THESE DO NOT REPLACE N95 MASKS. I make no health claims , but there are countless sites about handmade masks filtering at least 50% of the spray particles. Many Non hospital facilities have no access to masks at all. Here are some great links: