Figs + Ginger is a female owned & lovingly run Design + Craft company making all sorts of jewelry, gifts, wedding, and party goods by hand using sustainable materials and eco-friendly studio methods since 2005. Mother's Jewelry is another staple of the F&G collection, most notably the Original Nestling Bird Mother's Necklace, a best seller since 2007 designed by Rhonda Dudek.

G R E E N   V A L U E S

We really do care, a lot. 

1. We use a minimum of 50% Recycled/Reclaimed Silver & Gold. Any stock silver we use (i.e. not cast items) is 100% recycled. 
2. We have switched to Bio-degradable flux's and Citric Acid pickle. This is much better for our bodies too!
3. All our literature is printed on 80-100% post consumer product, much of it with soy based inks. The paper we purchase is made in a hydro-electric powered plant. 
4. We recycle of course.
5. For our upcoming wedding line and in custom work we refuse to work with diamonds on an human rights and environmental level. (unless they are handed down in the family.)
6. Our mailers & packaging are 90% recycled, 50% post consumer.