Big Dipper & Little Dipper Necklace

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What a unique Mother & Child necklace! Always close together, the Big Dipper & Little Dipper constellation set is a favorite among our nostalgic gifts, bringing back memories of youthful stargazing when everything was a bit slower. Perfect for the Mom & Child who will always be close at heart, despite whatever distance sets them apart. Packaged on a lovely square gift card with the inscription:   

Big Dipper & Little Dipper
Even if we're far apart
We share a sky
We share a heart 

Packaged prettily and ready for gifting! These are the perfect gifts for any Mom this Mother's Day! 

Charms are pure Silver and come on either a Silver Plated 18" Cable Chain with Spring Clasp.
Our Deluxe Version is a sturdy Sterling Silver 18" Cable Chain and Lobster Claw Clasp located HERE (if not bold item is sold out)
*** Price will change depending on preference.

Listing is for 2 18" Necklaces. Each piece is handmade with eco-friendly materials and techniques. Each pendent is handmade from scratch and designed in our studio so you're sure to be getting an original handmade piece.

Charm approx. .5"X.5" 

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