Vintage Trailer Design Studio Tour! :Part 1:

Here's a tiny look at our tiny Design Studio! We bought this Field & Stream (like the magazine) camper a couple years ago when we needed to add on to the Figs Family with our 1st Studio Manager. Her last name was "Wolfer", so naturally we named her new work environment, "The Wolf". Here's the "Before"

When we bought The Wolf there was a bucket for a toilet, tons of scary tiki faces carved into the poorly stained plywood, and a fun new coat of spray painted pink & teal exterior (which we loved at the time). We gutted most of it & refurbished using scraps from older projects, the Habitat Home store, and dumpsters. We only spent about $100 remodeling, including some small solar panels, too! We kept it simple by screwing leftover Bamboo flooring right over the laminate, and lots & lots of no VOC paint. Once we got rid of the walls and whatnot, the space really opened up. We kept the table top area and counter as both had tons of storage. It's been a great little studio!

Over the years the spray paint has faded, there's some window leakage in corners, and the overall dirt & grime associated with running a metals studio transformed our cute and cozy trailer into a dingy and dirty spider pit. Last week we were lucky enough to have some of our favorite people visit us, Jen & David. They helped us bring a bit of life back into The Wolf, which was way more work than we thought it would be!!

And here's the lil' Vine (a fun short video app) we made of finishing up the exterior. Monday we'll have more info images from the inside. Thanks for visiting, enjoy your weekend!! 


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chip crager
chip crager

December 05, 2013

Just found an old Field and Stream in Ms.. like yours. got bad roof framing, it has leaked… woodgrain side panel stripe…….

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