Custom Hand Gesture

wtf is even happening! Welp, here's my attempt to keep busy and generate some income as I, like many others, make my living thru my small gift shop business (which is where you are right now, if you'd like to explore) and brand new event based Catering Pop-up.

I'm trying to keep these cheap as I know so many are out of work rn, but If you're able and would like to offer a tip for the free custom design service I'm offering, that's rad and appreciated, but again, no pressure. Thanks for any support, stay safe & happy! 

Want a custom middle finger? Or an ASL hand gesture? Send me a photo of your hand making that gesture in front of your receipt of purchase and I'll make it for ya. Send image via DM to or email to

YOU CAN ALSO SKIP THIS SITE AND VENMO ME THE TOTAL +$2 shipping UNLESS YOU WANT TO PICK-UP, NO CONTACT STYLE ON THE WEST END OF PVD. I'm hungryalot on there or you can scan the last photo.

All hands will have a band at the bottom where you can use the adhesive we provide or your own solution. These are very lightweight and will do best with some sort of flat backing behind.
Tattoos will need to be touching some part of the outline so are generally stretched to do so. If you're very particular about your tattoo desires, lemme know.

Okay, thanks for stopping by. Visit me on Instagram @hungryalot if you're bored!