Order Cancelled

We're beyond sorry to have to send this email out. Due to the break in supply chain during the Covid-19 outbreak, we have still not received supplies that have been on order for weeks now. We set out to dedicated 2 weeks to this project and did our absolute best shipping over 1400 masks, but we're just waiting now and we don't want to hold your funds hostage any longer. We are about 500 masks short due to the delay and are in the process of refunding all of those. We are truly sorry we couldn't help you and yours through this time and hope you can understand that we have no other choice as our supplier can't tell us when we'll get the rest of our materials in. I'm so sorry for the wait you've experienced so far or if you emailed and we didn't get back. The last 2 weeks have been a blur of a nightmare dealing with all the new fears we all have, plus scrambling to find supplies that were ordered and cancelled, shipped incorrectly, or just not shipped at all.

I know it's a poor reflection on my company to cancel like this, but hope you know that I'm just a jeweler with a sewing machine who got a group of ladies that wanted to help together. We've done our best to try and do our part. But there's just nothing more we can do waiting here, we have moms with kids at home and families we need to get back to, and now there are so many options online it's unfair to try and keep your order any longer.

There are lots of small business making great masks on Etsy.com and around the internet all sorts are popping up. Once we get fabric back in stock we'll relist the masks and you're welcome to use coupon "FIGSMASK" for 20% off if you still need one. We'll also have a tutorial online to make your own.

Your funds are processing back to your card. If you venmo'd or used paypal separate from shopify, please let me know your name & order # and I'll refund you there.

We're truly sorry we couldn't get your mask to you in a timely fashion.
All the best,
Rhonda and The Figs & Ginger Family