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Figs & Ginger is a design + craft company lovingly run by Rhonda & Elijah Wyman. Figs specializes is jewelry, stationery, & wedding + party goods generally based on forests, or things you could imagine finding on a walk thru an enchanted one. Mother's Jewelry is another staple of the F&G collection, most notably the Nestling Necklace, a best seller 5 years running. 

Based out of the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, the Figs & Ginger studio consists of a mini: barn,  vintage pink and teal travel trailer, and the majority of the Wymans' mini 800 sq/f house, leaving them a cozy little space for a bed. Elijah & Rhonda have been working together on their art & music since their marriage back in 2004, the same year Rhonda graduated Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Jewelry & Light Metals. The two love to travel with their rescued pup Crash-dog, and cuddle with their cat named Puppy who has no tail. You may have seen Elijah free of Rhonda traveling to house shows, festivals, and random venues, or heard him on your local college radio station. He's an indie-pop singer-songwriting superhero. Listen to his music here:The Decent Lovers.